Provide self-managed stays.

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GuestAssist App allows your guests to self-manage their stay with all the information they need in the palm of their hands. Guests can download the App for free and get connected to your property within seconds.


What’s The Benefit for Guests?

Guests can manage their booking and view:

  • Booking Details
  • Digital Compendium
  • Wi-Fi & Access Codes
  • Interactive Map
  • Maps & Directions
  • Local Attractions
  • Account Balance
  • Place another Booking
  • Plus much more!

What’s The Benefit To You?

Save time

Guests can find everything they need before and during their stay, meaning less interruptions to your staff.


Make more money

GuestAssist can be used to up-sell with the opportunity for guests to book extras & appointments directly from the App.


GuestAssist Site Tablets

GuestAssist can be downloaded to your in-room tablets and populated with guest details prior to them checking in! This means they can reap all the benefits of GuestAssist without having to sign in or download the App.


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